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BFL Day 9, WOD and infos

BFL Day 9 – Sunday, 24th of April 2016.

The Belgian Fitness League (BFL) is an amazing opportunity for Fitness fans to proove their level of fitness through various challenges. As a normal sport league, the Belgian Fitness League aims to allow several teams accross the country to challenge each other based on a calendar where every team will meet all the others.

Combining physical skills, analytical strategies, speed, power, balance, the Belgian Fitness League brings a monthly event where each team will compete into pre-defined workouts to find out which will be crowned the best in Belgium. Launching this fall, the Belgian Fitness League will give you the chance to meet the community, assess your skills and performance against others and see how you can handle the stress of the competition as a team.

Driven by the idea that everything is about people and community, The Belgian Fitness League aims to allow each and every one to meet the community and get to know each other. United by our love of the sport of fitness, the Belgian Fitness League is the first of its kind : a year long event where teams will travel accross Belgium to compete and discover what the community is about.




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